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Which Windows Are Most Energy Efficient?

Which Windows Are Most Energy Efficient?

With so much emphasis on conservation nowadays,you would think that the products used to make your windows would be at the top of the list in terms of being energy efficient. But you’d be surprised to know,per EZ Window Solutions,just how many home windows are not up to their stringent standards when it comes to energy efficiency and energy savings. The standards for energy-efficient windows have been updated over the years to the point where they are now considered very high by the Energy Star system. So,what are the top rated windows? Read on to find out.

Which windows are most energy efficient

First up is the split-glass smoked and double paned window. This is considered one of the most energy efficient windows available. It offers a very good insulation against heat loss,and also the best leak prevention and air sealing possible. One of the great things about energy efficient windows is that they are virtually maintenance free. There’s no painting,staining or repainting,and there’s no need for a new pane if they start to look frayed.

Sliding windows are another type of energy efficient windows. These are excellent for both cold and hot climates. One of the biggest benefits of sliding windows is that they allow air to circulate between the panes and therefore keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Windows that slide are often referred to as sash windows,because they look like sashes,permitting natural light to come in and out of the house as well.

What about double glazed windows? These windows provide the best combination of insulating properties. In addition to the energy savings,they are also more resistant to heat build up. When heated with electricity,they will prevent the transfer of solar heat. They will also prevent the entry of heat from outside,meaning less heat loss into your home. Double glazed windows are considered to be very efficient and environmentally friendly.

Of course,not all energy efficient windows are created equal. It is important that you choose the right type for your home. In general,you should purchase windows made from materials that have the highest energy efficiency ratings possible. These windows are sold at a variety of different prices,and it may be difficult to find a set on which windows fit your budget.

Which windows are most energy efficient? This is an important question to answer for your home. Energy-efficient windows will save money on your electric bill,and lower your heating and cooling expenses throughout the entire year. With the many options available,you will want to consider what your options are when it comes to finding the best windows for your home.